ArtLab #4

The August ArtLab students range in age from kindergarten to third grade. In conjunction with games and exploring the natural habitats, my students are incredibly interested in the sculptures dotting the grounds. Inevitably this led to creating our own sculpturesĀ  focused onĀ  combining cardboard shapes with either glue, tape or cutting notches; using the colors and patterns of our Snake Tree sculpture neighbor as inspiration; and connecting natural and non-natural materials through weaving and object placement (inspired by New City Art’s pinecone weavings).


Artlab #3

Artlab students were inspired by the portraits and works of Alex Katz, and helped to minimize the “terror” of doing a self-portrait by thinking about the shapes of color that compose a form. After taking a photograph to reference, students first created cut paper collages and then a gouache painting. Whenever they hesitated, I reminded them to think about the shapes they saw and even had them block in shapes on a transparency.



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